Control your food losses

Track food wastage, spoilage, safety compliance, pilferage and even stockouts - monitor it all on our platform

How does RightMash work?

RightMash Platform - How it works - 3 steps

1. Configure & Consume

Place the food item be tracked on a configured RightMash sensor and consume it as you normally would

2. Track Losses

RightMash platform automatically tracks the food consumption and monitors for any deviations from standard patterns

3. Automate Processes

RightMash can automatically trigger actions on data events: Running low? Reorder! Expiring soon? Warn!.. you get the picture!


improved food quality and safety

Increase Profitability

Reduced spoilage, better tracking of pilferage or fraud, lower data errors, automating reporting and reordering – all directly add to the bottom line

Make data-driven business decisions

Better Food Safety & Quality

Tracking preparation times or expiry dates of food items including the environmental conditions it sits in leads to lower food safety risks and improves food quality

Improve business using accurate data

Real-time tracking gives the pulse of the inventory movement at that instant, thereby helps the business optimise based on accurate, up-to-date and unbiased data


connected tracking sensor

NFC-enabled to identify the food item or container on it, RightMash weight tracking IoT-based sensor track and transmit minute weight changes

real-time consumption data

Using the latest big data technologies, analysis of food inventory consumption pattern is accurate, instant and without human errors

Automate Tasks

Automatically perform tasks on triggers such as automated reorders when running low, email to suppliers, alerting users, etc.

Custom Food Catalogue

Self-managed food catalogue to provide organisation-wide standards in naming convention of food inventory

Open Integration (coming soon)

Connect to your Point-of-sale(POS), inventory management software, accounting software or just export to a spreadsheet - all tied seamlessly to existing systems

Why are we doing this?

Food is a complicated business – there are many, many co-dependent businesses in it; from the farmers who grow the food to the food retailers who supply the food you buy and eat.

But food as a product has a short shelf life (discount the ultra-processed ones!). If not managed properly and in time, each business which handles the food can incur losses due to its spoilage, wasteful processes, manual errors or just mishandling it. These losses directly impact the business’ bottom line, not to mention the massive environmental impact it leaves.


We, at RightMash, want to provide the businesses in the food industry with technology that can help them track the food as they handle it. This would help them improve their bottom line and help us with our mission to make the food industry a lot more sustainable.

Our goal over the coming years is to completely transform how food is tracked in the food supply chain.  We are working on creating seamlessly connected technology to provide each business in the supply chain with ability to accurately and in real-time track the food that they handle.

By giving the businesses the tools and technology to stay connected with their food and sharing information with their partners and customers, we envision a food supply chain that is uber-connected with their food and with each other to minimise food losses – and a side effect work together towards improving sustainability in the food industry.


About us

Arjun Chaganty

Co-Founder & CEO

Arjun loves technology, the environment and food – in that order. A nerdy sales guy who knows all the shortcut keys in PowerPoint, Arjun has spent 20 years building and selling technology to large corporates. He founded a big data company before it was called big data, a decade ago. In his spare time, he enjoys building LEGO and air guitaring to Pink Floyd WALL.

Hemanth Kumar

Co-Founder & CTO

Hemanth came up with the concept of RightMash about 25 years ago for his post-graduation thesis. Now he eats breadboards and resistors for breakfast as part of RightMash. Having spent the last 25 years making technology that can sell, he now burns PCBs to keep warm at night. When he gets bored of that he ‘enjoys’ helping his family with the weekend chores.

Arun Rabindranath

retail Expert

Arun loves retail – its glorious complexities and uncertainties. ‘Owning’ the customer is the holy grail that he is after. After spending 25 years at large consumer brands such as P&G, TESCO and others, he now helps startups with their product,  brand and go-to-market strategy. Also, an intrepid traveler when not daring status quo.


Do I really need it?

Food losses occur due to human error and outdated information on food inventory in spite of having sophisticated inventory management or POS software.

RightMash platform gets rid of need to enter data manually by automatically updating inventory information. At the very least, your inventory would be up to date always.

What kind of foods can I track?

RightMash sensors currently works on all food products. While there is no restrictions on it usage, the sensors need to kept away from cooking areas where there is high heat source.

Food items in the refrigerator would require additional antenna wiring to enable the sensors to catch the wifi signal – which should be a fairly straight forward process

Do I need multiple sensors?

Yes – think of the RightMash sensor as an intelligent base of a container or a food item. Hence, for each food item to be tracked, you would require one sensor.

Unfortunately, stacking of containers (one on top of another) below a single sensor would lead to inaccurate reading and would defeat the purpose of tracking individual food items.

What about loose items such as cookies or bread?

If you want to track loose items consumed directly from it packaging, then you can place a bowl over the coaster and put the item into it for tracking. You would of course need to put an NFC sticker tag at its base at the point it rests on the coaster.

In the future, we hope to work with food item providers to include the smart coaster (as a container) into its packaging. 

So, it is just a connected scale?

Not really. We go beyond just being a connected scale. RightMash sensors have NFC readers on them to help it identify the food item placed on it. All you need to do is affix the NFC tags / stickers provided on container or food item you want to track and the platform knows which item to track irrespective of the sensor it has been placed on.

Additionally, the sensor acts as an accurate data source for inventory tracking. But the true power of the platform lies in the minute by minute changes in consumption it records, which provides deep insights into where are the food losses occurring and when.

Why do I need RightMash platform if my inventory / POS software can track my inventory?

One of the biggest problem to any inventory management software is data accuracy – which requires manual entry by people. In a high stress and high turnover place like a restaurant kitchen, updating inventory is at the bottom of the to-do list. Yet, an accurate real-time information on your food inventory can impact your cash flow, profitability and even food safety compliance.

RightMash platform updates your inventory automatically without human intervention. It tracks the ups and downs in the inventory level of individual items automatically down to the last gram.

RightMash integrates with most popular inventory/POS systems. And if there is no readymade connector, we are happy to build one or assist your IT teams to create one.

does it need power?

All RightMash sensors are powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The battery generally lasts for 6-8 hours when in constant use. There is an direct DC power jack provided to connect it for continuous power.

The rechargable battery acts as a backup source in case of power failures or when moving food item together with the sensor

I want to try it before I buy it?

Definitely. We would be happy to. Just request a demo and we can provide a in-person demo (India or UK) or via a video conference call.
Once the demo is complete, depending on your requirement, we can ship sample sensors for testing and validation

how much can the sensor weight?

RightMash sensors can weight from 100gm to 100 kgs. The accuracy of the weight tracking is about 0.02% of the maximum load bearing capacity of the sensor

When are you releasing this?

We are currently running field trials in a private beta. Once the trials are complete, we plan to launch the platform commercially in Mar 2020. Sign-up for our newsletters to stay updated on the latest information

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