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The intelligent way to stay healthy

RightMash coaster and mobile app to track nutrition automatically

How does it work?

How RightMash works?

1. Configure Device

Use RightMash mobile app to configure the device

2. Consume Food

Consume the food as you normally do

3. Track Nutrition

Automatically see your nutrition on the app

4. Reorder food

Reorder the food item or change to a healthier one (coming soon)



Track consumption of a food item including its macro or micro nutrients you


Analyse your daily consumption of nutrients as a whole or for a specific item

Mobile App

food LOg

See your food log updated directly into your Fitbit app automatically

Reorder (coming soon)

Reorder the item or replace with an healthier one from a retailer near you


Weight-based measurement enables change of up to 1 gram of food


Directly connected to wifi independent of the mobile app once configured

Smart Coaster


NFC-tag supported - detect multiple items placed on it without reconfiguring

long life

Run for months without recharge; highly optimised power management

Why are we doing this?

Keeping intelligence on food

Food is complicated – too little, we starve, too much we suffer or throw away. 

To get a handle to this complexity requires understanding what, when and how our food is consumed – essentially, tracking it. But in an age where we can track almost everything, we have surprisingly few effective ways of tracking the food we consume everyday.

We, at RightMash, want to fix that. We focus on creating technology to effectively and efficiently manage our food – by adding intelligence to it.

Our goal over the coming years is to completely transform how we track food in our everyday lives. This would encompass a series of devices that go beyond the smart coaster we are working on today. It would be a series of ‘smart jars’ which would hold the food within it.

We are also working with food retailers to directly ship the food items pre-filled into it, so that you don’t have to take the hassle of marking and tagging the food item before consumption.  Beyond that we would increase the food retailers’ participation in helping you stay healthy while ensuring your kitchen is always stocked (with healthy items of course!)

About us

Arjun Chaganty

Co-Founder & CEO

Arjun loves technology, the environment and food – in that order. A nerdy sales guy who knows all the shortcut keys in PowerPoint, Arjun has spent 20 years building and selling technology to large corporates. He founded a big data company before it was called big data, a decade ago. In his spare time, he enjoys building LEGO and air guitaring to Pink Floyd WALL.

Hemanth Kumar

Co-Founder & CTO

Hemanth came up with the concept of RightMash about 25 years ago for his post-graduation thesis. Now he eats breadboards and resistors for breakfast as part of RightMash. Having spent the last 25 years making technology that can sell, he now burns PCBs to keep warm at night. When he gets bored of that he ‘enjoys’ helping his family with the weekend chores.

Arun Rabindranath

retail Expert

Arun loves retail – its glorious complexities and uncertainties. ‘Owning’ the customer is the holy grail that he is after. After spending 25 years at large consumer brands such as P&G, TESCO and others, he now helps startups with their product,  brand and go-to-market strategy. Also, an intrepid traveler when not daring status quo.


Do I really need it?

By tracking the food accurately, you get precise nutrition information to help you stay healthier.

And even if you don’t track nutrition, the online shopping convenience minimises food wastage and saves you money in the process.

What kind of foods can I track?

RightMash coaster currently works on all food products that kept outside of a refrigerator.  Hence, the type of foods would be predominately your staples (rice, pasta, grains, etc.), fruit-n-veg (bananas or potatoes), snacks (biscuits, cookies, etc.)

Seriously! another nutrition tracking app?

We know, you are sick and tired of another nutrition app. But, to use a cliche, we are different. We provide a device that accurately measures your intake to calculate your nutrition precisely. No more the hassle of manual entry or complicated calculations from the nutrition label information.

What are the other benefits?

  • Almost zero effort and zero ‘misses’ on your weekly shopping list
  • Automatically monitor consumption of important items such as sugar, salt, oil, etc.
  • Track your nutrition on your Fitbit® in real-time
  • Contribute to saving the planet by reducing food waste (and save money in the process)

Do I need multiple coasters?

Yes – think of a coaster an intelligent base of a container. If we think of it like that, you would require one coaster per container of food being tracked.

You can always put multiple containers on a single device, you would need to put the container before and then after consumption to accurately detect the food consumption per container.

What about loose items such as cookies or bread?

if you want to track loose items consumed directly from it packaging, then you can place a bowl over the coaster and put the item into it for tracking. You would of course need to put an NFC sticker tag at its base at the point it rests on the coaster.

In the future, we hope to work with food item providers to include the smart coaster (as a container) into its packaging. 

does it need power?

All RightMash coasters are powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The battery generally lasts for 3-6 months before re-charge. (not valid if you hold the jar and do Samba dance daily)

To recharge, just plug it into a standard micro-USB power socket. 

I want to see before I buy it

We plan to sell the device only online for now. However, as we expand, you should see it available in some of your favourite food retailers.

Sign-up for our newsletter to keep yourself updated on the stores being added.

Who can I reorder from?

This feature would be released soon. We are working to get some food retailers on board whose items would be available to order from the mobile app.

When are you releasing this?

We are currently working on the prototypes. Sign-up to our newsletter to stay updated on the release. We plan to run field trials in the Sep 2019.

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