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Order from stores in your area in just one-click.

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Why RightMash?

Order in one-click

Keep your frequently used items right upfront to reorder them quickly. No more searching everytime.

Get reminders when running low

Our intelligent system reminds if it predicts you are running low on certain items. Who needs grocery lists anymore.

Single order, multiple stores

No more multiple store orders over the phone or in-person. Just order what you need in a single order. We will send it to multiple stores.

Use it for medicines too.

Get your regular medicines from your reliable pharmacy. Running around in the last minute are now a thing of the past.

Add your favourite store...

Tell us the store your wanted added

More the merrier!

We are adding new stores everyday. But we can only do that much as our bandwidth permits. If you let us know the store that is important to you, we will add it now and help you shop more conveniently. In return it helps us know which ones are important. Thank you!

Say what you feel... we will take it personally and fix it!

Anything goes... so be brutal!

Tell us what you think

We have just started - trying to figure out what works and what does not. Please give us feedback on issues, features or just about anything on the app

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