man taking the first big step

Why the name ‘RightMash’?

Mash – as in mixing, putting together various items without really thinking about it. (and Potato Mash)

Right – the correct way to mix, live, eat and support the environment (and perhaps a healthy Potato Mash, if such a thing exists)

We thought it made sense and the domain name was available anyways. Signed up with Google G Suite apps for domain and email, got a cool logo designed on Fiverr and RightMash was born.

Soon we realised the name has its advantages – phonetically at least. When I introduce myself and say ‘RightMash’, there is no “can you repeat the name please?” – which is always a good sign. Plus, it definitely helps that there are many well-known ‘RightXxxxx’ named companies out there.

So, there you have it.

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